Using social media, lawyers innovative means

lawbloggingAll good lawyers, Friedmen, Pettis, and Coleman, I’m sure, but is this the message we need to send to lawyers — and the public as to lawyers’ use of social media.

I understand the one-click LinkedIn endorsement issue. Are lawyers touching the third rail of calling themselves an expert? But don’t the advantages of a lawyer’s use of LinkedIn far out way the the hazards?

How do lawyers, as a profession, look to business people when we’re all wigged out as to LinkedIn? Heck, law firms ought to be running to LinkedIn to see how they can use LinkedIn’s lawyer and company profiles as part of their firm’s websites. Business professionals are apt to trust LinkedIn far greater than a law firm website.

I asked a 73 year old lawyer how he would describe law blogging to another friend. His response, “The most innovative means of lawyers engaging clients and prospective clients that he had ever seen. A means of establishing trust.”

Shouldn’t lawyers and bar association leaders when called to address social media point out its value to lawyers and the public? Shouldn’t they be championing those things such as social media which establish public trust in lawyers? Shouldn’t they be encouraging lawyers who are struggling to bring in work to use social media to bring in work the old fashioned way? Via relationships and a word of mouth reputation.



Daniel K. Peugh, Attorney at Law

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