Using social media, lawyers innovative means

lawbloggingAll good lawyers, Friedmen, Pettis, and Coleman, I’m sure, but is this the message we need to send to lawyers — and the public as to lawyers’ use of social media.

I understand the one-click LinkedIn endorsement issue. Are lawyers touching the third rail of calling themselves an expert? But don’t the advantages of a lawyer’s use of LinkedIn far out way the the hazards?

How do lawyers, as a profession, look to business people when we’re all wigged out as to LinkedIn? Heck, law firms ought to be running to LinkedIn to see how they can use LinkedIn’s lawyer and company profiles as part of their firm’s websites. Business professionals are apt to trust LinkedIn far greater than a law firm website.

I asked a 73 year old lawyer how he would describe law blogging to another friend. His response, “The most innovative means of lawyers engaging clients and prospective clients that he had ever seen. A means of establishing trust.”

Shouldn’t lawyers and bar association leaders when called to address social media point out its value to lawyers and the public? Shouldn’t they be championing those things such as social media which establish public trust in lawyers? Shouldn’t they be encouraging lawyers who are struggling to bring in work to use social media to bring in work the old fashioned way? Via relationships and a word of mouth reputation.



Defective Product Law in Irvine

In case you have been injured by a defective product from a business you thought you could trust, the Cifarelli Law Firm, LLP has the resources and knowledge to help you. Generally, this type of case will likely be referred to as a product liability case, which can be pursued in different ways:

Defective Product or Toy
If you get injured as a result of using a product, Cifarelli Law Firm, LLP would pursue a claim using the argument that the product functioned properly as intended, however, the design of the product itself was negligent.

Manufacturers’ Failure to Warn
When the product produced is reasonably certain to be foreseeably dangerous, the manufacturers have the responsibility to warn you of any hazardous conditions that may exist when you use the product with reasonable care.

Manufacturing Flaw
If a flaw occurs when the product is manufactured, Cifarelli Law Firm, LLP will be required to prove that the injury was caused by a flaw or any other issue with the manufacturing of the product, which made the product defective.


Marking Property Division During Divorce Simple

The most difficult part during any divorce process can be property division, where the ex-spouses have to divide the assets and debts according to the stipulated laws and property ownership regulations. It can sound rather simple, but it is a very complex matter and in most cases means the case is settled in a court of law. In California, you will need to seek legal experts to help make sure that you granted the amount of property that you deserve.

Under property division laws, there is the need to determine the ownership of property if the ex-spouses cannot come up with a division agreement. This includes judging whether the property was acquired during marriage or before the marriage. There are also pre-divorce agreements to take care of.

The Law Office of David A. Martin & Associates is located in Sacramento, California and has a team of legal experts who can handle property division with ease. Contact them today for more information.

Rick Dane Moore & Associates Law Firm,PPLC

Business litigation is the legal process of resolving business disputes that arise between the partners, individuals or even between a business and another business entity. As a remedy where negotiation and arbitration can’t find the solution, the case will be brought before a judge to determine the outcome of the disputes. Rick Dane Moore & Associates Law Firm, PLLC has the best solution to such kind of legal processes to ensure best solutions for their clients. Some of the main business law areas that the firm deals with include:

  • Finances and investments – Brokers nowadays have come in and taken the business industries, while not acting ethically to maintain both their interest and client’s interest. If a client experiences big financial loss and suspects an investment broker is behind it, then it can be proceeded by business litigation.
  • Intellectual property – This is another component of business that is prone to disputes and may require business litigation. That is, infringement on trademark, patent or copyright are covered under this area.
  • Insurance sector – This is another field that often requires litigation to maintain smooth operation. Cases that often come up is when an insurance company undervalues or refuses the client’s claim, therefore the client can attempt to get the compensation or claim through business litigation.